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Xinxiang Flower Tea

Xinxiang Flower Tea

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Jasmine Blooming Flower Tea Balls

  • Collected from special regions of Turkey.
  • No chemicals, no additives, nothing but pure jasmine flower tea!
  • Jasmine Flower has antioxidant, anti-aging, and stress reducing properties.
  • Made by hand rolling the leaves with jasmine blossoms into lottle orbs.
  • When steeped, these leaves unroll and produce a tea with a pronounced floral and fresh green tea scent.
  • A full-bodied refreshing sweet taste, and a pleasing long lasting floral aftertaste.
  • Filled with antioxidants to relieve stress and invigorate youthfulness.
  • This tea not just cleanses and enriches the body but also delights the eyes with its beautiful unfurling.

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